Monday, March 19, 2012

These next couple of postings aren't going to be in order but they are from the last couple of trips I've done

This one is of my trip over spring break.  A couple of my friends and I went to Berlin and Prague.  We rented bikes in Berlin so we were able to see a lot of the city.  Because of WWII a lot of the buildings were destroyed during the war, so the city is very modern and new.  I am sure you will recognize a few of these spots.  I didn't have a chance to see a lot of Prague because I was sick, but we had an apartment right on the river next to a very famous building, so at least I had something nice to look at.  I did get to explore Prague a little the first day so there are also pictures from that.

With V8 Chevy engine

Berlin Wall

Jewish Memorial

Statue of Victory

Brandenburg Gate

Reichstag Building

Checkpoint Charlie

Jewish Museum


Frank and Ginger- view from Appt.

Cathedral of St. Vitus

Intense Stained Glass in the cathedral 

View of Prague from Above

Astrological Clock

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