Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Since the last time I posted I've been really busy.  I went to spend some time in Bordeaux, visited some friends in Barcelona, and went to Pompeii and Napoli.  Bordeaux was amazing; they were having a huge carnival around town and the city was very lively, the people were very very nice, and it was a beautiful city.  Barcelona  was kind of crazy, that city never sleeps.  The waterfront was beautiful.  We did a lot of walking and saw a ton of buildings and areas. Napoli was really dirty and kind of not my favorite, but the pizza there was awesome (definitely giving alex pizza a run for its money) but Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius were mind blowing.  All of these pictures are a combination of the three trips.

In two weeks we will be spending a week in Tuscany, and the following week I have tickets to Berlin and Prague for spring break.  The following weekend I have a ticket to Amsterdam.  Two weeks after that we will be visiting northern Italy and Slovenia for a week, and I have decided to stay in Rome (or close to Rome) for Easter.  That pretty much sums up the rest of my traveling until after the semester.

Enjoy the pictures!


Cathedral of Bordeaux 

Gare St. Jean


Calatrava's Communications tower for Olympics

Plant from Barcelona's Botanical Garden 

A small portion of Barcelona's Shore

Stone Joints in Mies Van Der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion 

Interior of Barcelona Pavilion

Goudi's Segrata Famiglia

Napoli and Pompeii:

Typical Street in Napoli

Cloisters at some church in Napoli

Part of the Coastline of Napoli from a hill

Boats in the Harbor 

One of Three Castles in Napoli

Beach Front Park

Gazebo in the same park

Wall in Herculaneum overcome with moss

Some of the Guys in the program

Mount Vesuvius through the Temple Columns in Pompeii's Forum

For you Matante Mad

Sunrise from the Breakfast Patio in my hotel overlooking Vesuvius and the Napoli Port

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  1. Great pictures Josh! You best be wearing that Maine shirt! I like the photo of the car that clearly shows that duct tape is an international tool! (its holding on the bumper)